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Outpatient Clinic for Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS)

During the consultation for short bowel syndrome and bowel failure, patients with postoperative and functional short bowel syndrome are treated by an interdisciplinary team of gastroenterologists, surgeons and nutritionists.

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Short bowel syndrome (intestinal insufficiency, intestinal failure)

Patients with short bowel syndrome are unable to maintain a proper fluid and nutrient balance due to bowel surgery or their underlying disease and are dependent on supportive enteral or parenteral nutrition. Malnutrition is a major consequence of short bowel syndrome and requires integrated nutritional therapy, gastroenterological and, if necessary, surgical treatment. Therefore, the close interdisciplinary cooperation at our center represents an essential component of the treatment concept.

Treatment focus:

  • Assessment of residual bowel function
  • Drug therapy for short bowel syndrome
  • Gastroenterological diagnostics of concomitant diseases (e.g. lactose intolerance, celiac disease, bacterial colonization)
  • Gastroenterological diagnostics prior to stoma reversal
  • Preparation of a nutritional concept and nutritional counseling
  • Assessment of nutritional status (e.g. bioelectrical impedance analysis, indirect calorimetry)
  • Initiation, implementation and monitoring of parenteral nutrition (standard and compounding)
  • Interdisciplinary consultation on the possibility of small bowel or multivisceral transplantation
  • Therapy with GLP-2 analog (e.g. teduglutide or study participation)
  • Participation in innovative studies on the diagnosis and therapy of short bowel syndrome (see study register and research)


Appointments only by telephone agreement
+49 30 450 514 143   

Prescription order: +49 30 450 514 035

Or fax: +49 30 450 514 974

Outpatient Clinic

08:00 to 01:00 p.m. 

Appointments only by telephone agreement


How you can find us

Site address:

Charité Campus Mitte (CCM)
Gastroenterological Outpatient Clinic (3. floor)
Bettenhochhaus / The Bettenhaus ward building (BBH)
Luisenstraße 64
10117 Berlin

Please bring the following documents to an appointment:

  • Health card
  • Referral slip for the "short bowel consultation" for the current quarter (at the first visit and in each new quarter) 
  • Current and older findings, doctor's letters and previous findings
  • Completed questionnaire for new patients (see download)