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Outpatient treatment

The university outpatient clinic provides consultation and treatment for patients with diseases of the liver and pancreas, chronic inflammatory bowel diseases, neuroendocrine tumors or other gastrointestinal tumors. A special consultation hour is also dedicated to polymicrobial diagnostics and therapy. Within the framework of university outpatient care, these consultations ensure the treatment of patients with special or particularly severe clinical pictures; there is therefore no "general consultation". The outpatient clinics also provide the opportunity to participate in clinical studies.

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Current information on the accessibility of the University Outpatient Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the CVK

Dear patient, dear referrer,

due to the current staff shortage, we are not available by telephone.

Please let us know your request by email to Lebersprechstunde. We will try to process the e-mails one by one, but unfortunately this may take several days. 

Therefore, please do NOT send us your e-mail more than once!!!

We are very sorry for this and hope for your understanding.

Please make sure that you have given us your complete data (surname, first name, date of birth as well as a current telephone number), so that a processing is possible!

Important: Prescription orders or laboratory results must be personally picked up on site by the outpatient clinic.

You are welcome to come to the outpatient clinic at the following times with a referral for the liver outpatient clinic and your insurance card:

Monday - Friday: 08:00 am  to 02:00 pm

Your Outpatient Clinic Team Gastroenterology and Hepatology